Better online product data







Facilitating the online exchange of rich & trusted product data

We believe every product deserves to look its best across the web, regardless of the website or mobile app on which it is shown.

That’s why we built SyndicatePlus, a platform to facilitate the online exchange of rich and trusted product data between Brands, Retailers and Developers.


Share rich product information and images with any website or mobile app. Connect instantly with hundreds of websites and apps already using SyndicatePlus, such as E-commerce, recipe websites, grocery apps, review websites and more.

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Looking for high-quality product data to power your E-commerce? We provide Retailers with free access to rich product information and images to enhance online retailing practises. Our full-service solutions help retailers succeed in the digital space.

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Looking for product data to power your website or app? Our API offers free access to information and images for +250.000 consumer products (EAN and UPC). Use one of our SDKs for easy integration, and if you have questions just call our support team.

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